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Earn free cryptocurrency

We list the top faucets for BTC, ETH, LTC and more

Faucet Name Rating Paying About Visit
adBTC.topTOPYESTOP website for mining Bitcoin from ads -> 2 to 30 satoshi for ad!Visit
CointiplyTOPYESEarn Free Bitcoin!Visit
CoinPayuTOPYESEarn up to 100 satoshi per hour!Visit
FreeBitco.inTOPYESWin Free Bitcoins every hour - 300 dollars!Visit
autofaucet.dutchycorp.spaceTOPYESOne of the most popular faucets, big rewards every day, SPACE mining + stakingVisit
RollercoinPREMIUMYESPlay games and earn btc/eth/doge/rollertoken today!Visit
SimplebitsTOPYESOne of the BEST mining simulators -> earn big reward in LTC/ETH or BTC online!Visit
SatoshiHeroPREMIUMYESWin Free Bitcoins every 30 min.!Visit
SatoshiMonsterPREMIUMYESWin Free Bitcoins every 30 min.!Visit
grab.tcNORMALYESCool Bitcoin Faucet every 30 min! Brave cashback offer!Visit
ESfaucetPREMIUMYESFine faucet of all coins, try it and enjoy!Visit
FireFaucetTOPYESFast, reliable and perspective faucet of all coins. We recommendVisit
BestChangePASSIVE INCOMEYESBITCOIN FAUCET from 1 to 100 satoshi every 60 min. + possibility exchange of money!Visit
HoneyGainPASSIVE INCOMEYESMake money online by sharing internet connection, starting gift - 5 dollars!Visit
Free-LitecoinNORMALYESOne of the Best Litecoin Faucets/60 min. + YEAR INTEREST RATE 10 %Visit
Free-EthereumNORMALYESOne of the Best Ethereum Faucet/60 min. + YEAR INTEREST RATE 8 %Visit
PipeflarePREMIUMYESWonderful ZCash Faucet/24 hours + nice games to earn crypto DAI!Visit
GlobalhivePREMIUMYESMine Bitcoin at ZCash Faucet every 24 hours!Visit
Binance ExchangePASSIVE INCOMEYESThe whole world buys cryptocurrencies here. Amazing staking, very low fees, I recommend to beginners!Visit
NoTimerFaucet DOGENORMALYESAMAZING DOGE FAUCET without waiting time!Visit
Golden-farmTOPYESGreat game to making money since 2015Visit
DualminePASSIVE INCOMEYESExcellent company founded 3 years ago dealing with cryptocurrency mining, have their own cryptocurrency CRT (mining + staking), pays every 14 daysVisit
ECOSPASSIVE INCOMEYESECOS Company is an infrastructural DeFi platform, generate income from digital assets, fast mining of BTC!, legit company founded 4 years ago, we recommend for beginners, great online supportVisit
BitdeerPASSIVE INCOMEYESLegit Company, highest earnings from online mining cloud hashrate, we recommend, great supportVisit
CryptowinTOPYESReliabe and perspective faucet for bitcoin mining every 15 minutes with the possibility of a free lottery!Visit

Details about best faucets

100523 satoshi payout

TOP FREE Bitcoin claiming -> 2 to 30 satoshi for ad view!
We´ve been in this page for about 2 years and never happend, that they did not paid us. This page should be one of which you should think about at first, cause faucets like this are rare. :)

4151 satoshi payout

Play games and earn btc/eth/doge/rollertoken every day!
We´ve been in this page for about 3 years and never happend, that they did not paid us.

2100 satoshi payout

BITCOIN FAUCET from 1 to 100 satoshi every 60 min. + possibility of exchange money!
We´ve been in this page for about 1 years and never happend, that they did not paid us.

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